About Us

We are a company that operates in the Judaica business for four generations. We are located in Yavne Israel, a Historical city 16 miles south of Tel Aviv.

The Gurkevich family has been in the tallit (prayer shawls) production and Judaica business for over 70 years and 3 generations.
Moshe Gurkevich arrived in Israel in the year 1920 and established the Tallit factory "Zohar".
His son in law Moshe Yanovsky later joined the business. Moshe Yanovsky was wounded in the Israeli army during the Yom Kippur war while defending the country as a soldier

In 1996 Moshe's son founded the website TALIT.com, the first website selling Judaica from the holy land, Israel. The website was set up in order to help the Israeli economy and those working in the Judaica business in Israel. 
The website that started selling tallis from Israel to many places worldwide, has developed over the years and has become the big website selling Judaica from Israel. The central office and the warehouse are located in Yavne, a city 22 km from Tel Aviv. 

Q: How Long Your Website is Operative ?  

A: We sell Judaica and Jewish Religious Articles Online since 1995.

Q: How You can Keep Your Prices So Competitive? 
A: We manufacture some of the items that we sell on our website, and the products that we don't manufacture we buy directly from the manufacturers here in Israel. We buy from the top Tallit manufacturers, from leading Judaica artists and producers and we work with respected STaM (Torah Scrolls, Tefillin and Mezuzah) manufacturers and Rabbis.

Q: Do you have all the Items in Stock?   
A: Usually all the items are available and in stock. If an item is out of stock you will be notified.